China Education Resources Inc. ("CER" or "the Company ") is a publicly-listed ed-tech company (TSX-V -- CHN and OTCQB - CHNUF) based in Vancouver, Canada with leading technology in intelligent systems and contents. CER provides online/offline learning, training courses, as well as social media for teachers, students and education professionals.

Originally formed in 1997, China Education Resources Inc. is one of China's leading providers of educational contents and services. CER's product portfolio includes textbooks, teacher training, online portals, customized education solutions, online tutoring, and soccer education.

With decades of operating history, China Education Resources Inc. has developed deep relationships and expertise in the education technology sector. In collaboration with China's education administrators and experts, CER has been helping to transform the curriculum of the world's largest educational system. As a trusted partner in China, the Company works with various levels of educational authorities, including the Ministry of Education (MOE), China. Recognizing the need to address education reform changes, CER has created educational tools and curricula for China's entire kindergarten through twelfth-grade system. The Company is playing an integral part in transforming China's educational system through helping to convert the existing educational system from a memory-based learning system to a creative thinking and interactive approach. Presently, CER has 2 million kindergarten through twelfth-grade teachers registered through its web portal. China Education Resources Inc. sees an excellent opportunity to be a key benefactor in China's continued effort in digitizing the nation's classrooms.

In addition to its longstanding relationships built through traditional textbook publishing and distribution, CER has invested early and heavily in emerging interactive educational products. This has resulted in a significant increase in new clients, while also driving substantial increases in revenue from its existing accounts.

CER's operations currently span 20 provinces in China. Additionally, the Company's world-class management team has years of collective experience in education, and has driven exceptional results by leveraging a deep understanding of the market and extensive industry relationships. The combination of a robust platform, deep domain expertise, comprehensive education contents and network of relationships have enabled CER to position itself to be a leader in the growing market. The Chinese government, in an effort to modernize its educational system, has committed to making a significant near term investment in digitizing the nation's classrooms. China Education Resources Inc. is poised to be a key benefactor in this unprecedented infrastructure investment.

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