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CER has co-developed the portal with the Curriculum Development Center of the Ministry of Education. The Curriculum Development Centre is China's highest ranking authority in the area of curriculum development for the kindergarten to grade 12 sector. This online central portal will be used by the entire education community of students, teachers, parents, and school administrators to access the new curriculum and other education related resources.

The CERSP portal currently has 30 sub-websites in various subject areas. Our goal is to build the most robust, agile and flexible portal in the world, capable of handling the online teaching, learning, and administrative requirements of 600,000 schools, 12 million teachers and 230 million students.

  • Teachers use the portal for ongoing professional development and have access to online training and new curriculum materials. Teachers will also have a new opportunity to interact with each other.
  • Parents have access to CERSP's education resources and online access to teachers.
  • Administrators have a more effective method to communicate with teachers and schools.
  • Government has a more efficient and effective method of distributing information.
  • Schools have more efficient and cost effective way to distribute materials to students and parents.
  • Through "EM", CER's instant messaging utility, teachers, students, parents and administrators will be able to interact with each other on a real time basis.

CER is developing a number of revenue streams from the portal. Initial revenue is coming from the online teacher training program. Future revenue streams include:

  1. EM user fees
  2. Online sale of educational products and services
  3. Advertising
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